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Are you looking for a commercial roofing company that services all of Connecticut and beyond? Premiere Building Associates specializes in liquid coating roofing services for commercial properties throughout CT. At Premier Building Associates, we understand that a robust, watertight roof is crucial to the success of your commercial enterprise. That’s why we proudly offer cutting-edge liquid coating roof solutions that provide superior protection, durability, and energy efficiency for your building. With our expertise and high-quality products, we ensure your roof remains safeguarded against the harshest elements while extending its lifespan for years to come.

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Residential Roof Install, Repair & Maintenance CT

  • Create a seamless, watertight barrier that prevents water infiltration and protects your commercial roof from leaks and moisture damage, saving you from costly repairs.
  • Withstand extreme weather conditions, including heat, cold, UV radiation, and heavy rainfall, ensuring your roof remains durable and resilient for years to come.
  • By reflecting heat and minimizing heat transfer, our liquid coatings improve energy efficiency, reducing cooling costs and creating a comfortable indoor environment while reducing your carbon footprint.
  • The application process is fast, efficient, and non-disruptive, saving you time and money by avoiding the need for extensive roof replacements.
  • We offer a variety of liquid coating options tailored to different roof types and colors, allowing you to customize your roof’s appearance without compromising its exceptional performance.
  • Our environmentally friendly liquid coatings have low VOC content, promoting better air quality, and contribute to sustainable construction practices by extending the lifespan of your roof and reducing waste sent to landfills.


Providing Exceptional Roofing Maintenance, Repair & Installs

New Roof Install

Trust our expert team to deliver flawless installation, providing you with a durable and stylish new roof.

Roof Repair

From minor leaks to extensive damage, we offer swift and effective solutions to restore your roof's integrity.

Roof Maintenance

Ensure the longevity and reliability of your roof through regular upkeep and professional inspections.

Low-Slope Roofing

Our specialized expertise in slow-slope roofing ensures proper water drainage and long-lasting protection for low-pitched roofs.

Steep Slope Roofing

We tackle the challenges of steep-slope roofing, delivering exceptional craftsmanship and safeguarding your property.

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